Generation, a band consisting of members from Sense Field, Further Seems Forever and Reason To Believe have signed to Rise Records. The band’s songwriter is Brad [Lehman] of Maylene and the Sons of Diaster as well. Rise Records posted a status on their Facebook today announcing the band joining their label:

“Rise Records is excited to announce the signing of War Generation. This brand new Los Angeles based band features singer Jon Bunch, formerly of Sense Field, Further Seems Forever and Reason To Believe. Jon has teamed up with songwriter Brad Lehman of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Craig from IGNITE, and the outcome does not disappoint.

Their new album, Start Somewhere Never Surrender, is a perfect blend of melodic hardcore and rock, not unlike RISE AGAINST, FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER and AFI. Start Somewhere Never Surrender is in stores on September 3rd.”

The band have also released their first single off the album and music video for Start Somewhere Never Surrender titled “Done & Gone.” Check out the video below:




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  1. SOOOOOO refreshing!!!! Love Jon’s voice so much….was always hoping for a new Sensefield album…but from hearing a few songs off the album…im sure I will be quite happy! Just moved to San Diego from Boston….so hopefully you will make it out here soon, since im missing the show in Quincy, Ma….Good Luck boys!

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